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Three years ago when I found out that they were going to redevelop the Hawthorn Aquatic and Leisure Centre my heart gave a little skip.

It offered perfect synergy to the service we offered at Glenferrie Private Hospital, and would provide me with the opportunity to expand.

As they demolished the site, it seemed to take forever before things started to grow.

Now it was time to put my hand up and express interest. For the next two years as the site grew and grew, I ran the gauntlet of being annoying and showing how interested I was.

As the completion date got pushed out another opportunity arose.

Do I pass it up, or roll the eggs into one basket?

To complicate it, the offer came from a mate. It could have been good, but not quite as suitable as what HALC could offer.

Finally the tender came and it was all systems go.

Finding out that we were successful as I was getting on the ferry to ride around Tasmania, I thought I could nut out everything through the next week. Unfortunately I forgot that riding 850 km you don’t get to think about anything more than riding 850 kms!

Coming home, it was all systems go.

Exciting times, and then reality hit. 5 weeks dealing with Telstra to get a phone number, way too much Ikea furniture to assemble and hiring staff.

It’s all gradually coming together and we open on June 2.

Working in the gym, it’s quite a vibrant environment.

I look forward to rolling up the sleeves, getting new projects underway and providing a quality service.

It’s a great facility, so should be a fantastic place to work.

Glenferrie Sports and Spinal Clinic is located in Hawthorn. Situated conveniently near public transport and with convenient parking it is central to Camberwell, Kew, Richmond, Toorak and Malvern.

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