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Glenferrie Sports and Spinal Clinics central location makes it convenient for residents in Hawthorn, Kew, Camberwell, Richmond and Toorak.

We are minutes from public transport, Swinburne University and Glenferrie Road.


A Flexible

We understand there is more than one way to accomplish things, so as long as it’s not going to harm you, we will work with you on programs that fit your values and lifestyle. Using a combination of hands on therapies and exercise prescription to help get them back to function as soon as possible.


Reaching Goals

It’s important to fit the rehabilitation style and end goals to the patient.

That way you are not going to hate your rehab and be more likely to comply.

After all; it’s all about you right!

Dedicated Bespoke
1 to 1 Programs

Our job is to get you back. Whether that is on the Elite Sporting Field, Weekend Warrior or Enjoying Walks around the block, it’s up to us to get you there.
Our treatments are one to one meaning you get our whole attention.



Common conditions and injuries

Back and Neck

Low Back Pain

What is low back pain? Eighty percent (80%) of people will experience low back pain at some stage of their life. It is one of […]

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How do I know I’ve torn my Rotator Cuff?

Rotator Cuff Tear The rotator cuff is a critical group of muscles and tendons that form a cuff over the shoulder. Their primary role is […]

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Back and Neck

What is causing my neck pain?

Your neck is a complex interlocking structure consisting of bones, joints, nerves, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Its main job is to hold up the weight […]

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Helping you reach your movement and strength goals, keeping you moving safely and letting you succeed in all the physical things you'd like to do

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Our Clinics in Hawthorn, Glenferrie and Mount Waverley are well situated to get you working back at your best.


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ACL Mini Series Part 3: What to expect after ACL surgery?

Setting SMART ( Specific- Measurable- Attainable- Relevant- Time-based) goals is the hallmark of a good rehabilitation program, and recovery after ACL Reconstruction should be no […]

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Fingers versus Footballs

Ouch! It seems to me that this season has resulted in a greater number of finger injuries related to football. This is happening at all […]

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ACL Mini Series: Part 2 – To surgery or not to surgery?

So I’ve gone and done my ACL- what now?! You may be thinking that surgical ACL reconstruction is your only option, however did you know […]

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