Heathy Food Ideas

It can be confusing and complicating when trying to plan what a day of healthy eating should look like. Here is a quick run-down of the five main food groups, the recommended serves per day and what a serve might look like. For more information on personalised daily requirements, meal planning and nutrition advice see your Accredited Practising Dietitian.

Vegetables: Aim for 5 serves per day. Serve is:

Serve Vegetables

Fruit: Aim for 2 serves of fruit per day. Serve is:

Serve Fruit

Low GI grains: Aim for 4 serves per day. Serve is:

Serve Grain

Milk/yoghurt/cheese or alternatives: Aim for 2-3 serves per day. Serve is:

Serve Milk

Meat/Poultry/Fish/Eggs/Tofu etc: Aim for 1-3 serves per day. Serve is:

Serving meat

Note: These recommendations are for general purposes only and vary with age, sex and metabolic demands. For more information on individual requirements please consult with a dietitian.

Posted by Matt
On 19 Jul 2016


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