ACL Mini Series: Part 2 – To surgery or not to surgery?

So I’ve gone and done my ACL- what now?!

You may be thinking that surgical ACL reconstruction is your only option, however did you know that:

Both operative and non-operative strategies are considered appropriate treatment options by healthcare experts.

In fact, we know that about 5 out of 10 individuals will return to a high level of sport without an ACL reconstruction- the trouble is, we cannot predict which ones.

For this reason, individual goals and needs, as well as input from important stakeholders should be considered when choosing your optimal treatment strategy.

Coaches, physiotherapists, and orthopaedic surgeons can all help you understand some important factors surrounding your injury and how that will affect management. 

These factors include:

  • Associated damage to other structure in the knee
  • Episodes of the knee “giving way”
  • Individual anatomical differences
  • Preferred sport/physical activity
  • Desire to return to a high level of play

Despite the complexity of the decision at hand- an overarching consensus is that Physiotherapy is recommended regardless of treatment choice!

Whether it is an intensive bout of “pre-hab” to set you up for surgery, or a well-rounded rehabilitation program to help you avoid surgery- Physiotherapists can help you after your ACL injury to rebuild strength and return to participating in the activities you love.

And a final tip- be sure to engage in further discussion with your physiotherapist around graft choices, timeframes for recovery, and the type of rehabilitation that will be involved following.

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