Occupational Health services, Work Health

Occupational Health services

Glenferrie Sports and Spinal Clinic has joined forced with Movevolution to provide a comprehensive range of Occupational Health services. 

We extend clinical excellence beyond our clinic, providing a ‘sports medicine model’ of injury prevention and treatment to our ‘on-site’ clients. This assists organisations to mitigate work-related injury risk, and maximise workforce health, safety, and wellbeing. 

We respond proactively to demographic (i.e. ageing workforce) and industry specific trends, tailoring our services to meet each organisation’s unique needs.


We differ from our competitors in that we offer cost-effective, customised service to our clients, are continually evolving our service delivery to reflect evidence based practice, and are willing to offer a level of customer service beyond that provided by many large occupational health/rehabilitation providers.

Services include:


  • Occupational Physiotherapy (work-related injury assessment, treatment and management)
  • On-site Injury Management (Pre-claim, Early Intervention Programs)
  • Pre-employment Musculoskeletal/Functional Assessments
  • Office Ergonomics/Workstation Assessments (workplace, home office, or ‘mobile’ office)
  • Job-Task Analysis and Job Dictionary development
  • Manual Handling Risk Assessment
  • Vehicle Ergonomics
  • Occupational Health Educational Resources
Occupational Health services, Work Health
Occupational Health services, Work Health

Depending on the service, key benefits to your organisation include:


  • Improved compliance with OH&S legislative obligations
  • Reduced lost-time and medically-treated injury frequency
  • Reduced workcover claim costs and premiums
  • Reduced workforce injury risk
  • Improved workplace morale and productivity
  • Improved workforce health, safety, and wellbeing