Finger Injuries

Glenferrie Sports and Spinals Hand Therapist Hamish Anderson discusses finger injuries and the importance of early management to promote quick return to function Glenferrie Sports and Spinal is conveniently located in Hawthorn and can be contacted via 03 9815 […]

Sleep and Sport

Sleep and Sport

Do your sleeping habits impact on performance? How well do you sleep? Did you know that sleep, or more importantly lack thereof will have a serious impact upon your performance on the baseball diamond. Lack of sleep can come from […]


Plyometric Exercise

A plyometric exercise is a specialised movement used to create and improve power. Power is when the elements of strength and speed are combined to perform a quick and forceful movement. These movements use the elasticity of muscles to increase […]

Sports Chiropractor

Dr James Nicola at Chiro Sports Symposium

I am honoured to have been selected to present at the SCA 2018 Sports Chiropractic Symposium in the Gold Coast in April. The presentation will be offered through the masterclass stream (for chiropractors who have already completed their post graduate sports […]

Why I do what I do.

How did I get into Chiropractic? Well it started back when I was a kid. Growing up I was really close with my grandma, we called her “Noona.” Every holiday I would visit her and my Gramps in South Australia […]

What is NeuroImpulse Protocol (NIP)?

  Chiropractic without the cracks! The NeuroImpulse Protocol is a form of a full body assessment that has a more neurological emphasis. Think of your brain as being like a computer – if you change the input to the computer, […]

Reading Food Labels

Reading front of pack labels can help people to make healthier choices, if they are easy to understand! Understanding how to read the Nutrition Information Panels (NIP) will help you identify healthy choices that are: Lower in Energy (kJ/Cal) Lower […]